Sunday, May 14, 2017


I wrote this December 15th, 2015. Enjoy!

Pessimism (n).
Perpetual Energy and Self-Sustaining Inability to Maintain or Improvise Simple Matters

People Engage in Surreptitious Situations that Inadvertently Minimize the Improbability of Sanctioning Morality.
Post-Effigetic Systems "Surprisingly" Inspire Minimal Imagination in the Surviving Masses, yet
Painful Endurance Strives to Sedate these Innocents, Making Inaccurate Surmises of their Mentality.
Practically Every "Savior" Suspects the Impossibility of Mediating, Implying Sadness were the Monster. oh,
Pity those Extremely Stupid Souls who Invoke such Mindless Injustices on the Smarter Mankind, for
Provoking Enragement of the Smarter Selves will Indefinitely Mar their Innovative Survival Mechanics. the 
Perfect Environment finds Solace in Selection, an Inoperative Mechanism in Society, Modernly.
Pests should Expire, Simmered Slowly in Materials Impure and be Shown no Mercy.
Pessimism Is Simply Sense: Including Melancholy, yes, but Involving Statistical Measurements.
Past Encounters Shall Surface Impendingly, Masquerading as Improbable Scenarios to Many, but
Pessimists Expect; thought Scorned by the Several Ignorant, Miraculous, Idealistic Swine of Misunderstanding.

Pessimism (n).
definition refined:
Predicting Eventual Settlements of Situations Idiotically Misconstrued by Impractical, Simplistic Morons!

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