Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Abattoir Memoirs

She picked you from the crop
Culled you with her scythe
Popped you from the bud
With her hunting knife
You gave her all control -
Made you bleed in the sand
Under the summer sun
And her chain of command

Just how long did it take you to fall
From the tree you grew so tall?
You found her lies at the root of cause
Coiled, the snake with open jaws.

How many times did it take for you to cave?
When the crows were lying in wait for mistakes.
Any hair, any line, any moan out of place,
Could send them in a boiling rage.
Which one told you to cave?

Ambling toward the abattoir
You’ve grown complacent
To her witchery, her charms
You struggle to place it
But she has you ensnared
A bull in a yolk
And with those dirty hands
I promise you’ll choke

Just how long did it take for you to see
How her sultry eyes have sewn the seeds of treachery?
If you foundher dead- bullet in the head,
You'd reminisce the times you bled.

All for her.

Unfuck her.
Remove her stain.
She’s on my mind, inside my brain
I’m going insane
I feel insane
There’s nothing that can soothe the pain.
Remove her stain
Remove her stain from inside my brain.

I’m going fucking insane.


  1. Sarah G. and Jodee...

    Now that a new school year is about to begin I wanted to tell both of you that I am happy to see that you have continued to write and to post.

    I also wanted you to know that, for what it's worth, I think the two of you have demonstrated the strongest writing skills. You both have incredible potential.

    If I was Willy Wonka, this would be the part where I offer you ownership of a chocolate factory. But unfortunately, I too am a humble writer... but if I may be so bold as to say, I seem to be an up-and-coming writer, and I when I have the power to do so, I want to pay-it-forward.

    I am hoping that both of you will continue to develop stories, poems, and books... and when you feel ready to show me something, please do so. More specifically, if you write something that's within the Young Adult genre, and if I think it's strong enough, I would be happy to pass a manuscript along to my agency. Just something to think about... a small foot in the door... but there will be many other doors (and intrusive feet) in your futures so long as you keep writing.

    -- Wade

    (PS: if you ever have any writerly type questions, feel free to send me an email: )

    1. Thanks so much, Wade! This means the world for me to hear! I'll definitely be keeping in touch! :)