Monday, November 6, 2017

Eight Cardinal Directions

I lay in bed and think of eight cardinal directions
Feel the eddy and pull of atomic corrections
Find a place in my mind free of worldly distractions
I discover my existence - my cosmic interaction

My purpose unfulfilled, my soul still wandering
My hands still empty, my mind still pondering...

If life was meant to be lived by humans and not gods
Why give us this gift if given the odds
It will squandered and wasted by penniless thoughts
A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your gods

If life isn't meant to be lived like a lover -
Careful in conversations but bold under covers
Then where is the shame in kissing your mother
If she gave you this life and love like none and no other?

No, Life is meant to be lived like the rain
Sometimes gentle and kind to soothe dry pains
Other times with conviction - on the great arm of Cain
At least then on covers you leave no stain

As I lay in bed and ponder eight cardinal directions
I realize that life has no ultimate direction
That any storm I brave is no mere distraction
It is it's own direction, a path to follow, and my new interaction.

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