Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Am I Controlling?

Falling straight down the rabbit hole, I'm sure 
You're having a ball
I wonder if you even think of me at all

Foaming at the mouth, from your lips
I've been wondering
Where exactly do you go when you take these "trips"?

This is what I get for falling in love 
With a bottle of impulse and dirty tricks
Maybe if I had stayed home
Or if I had just stayed drunk
None of this hurt would even exist

Nursing the bottle like a child --
Wouldn't it be better to just stay sober?
You can come home to me tonight
I'll feel so much better to have that closure

And I think
Am I controlling for thinking like this?
Or is this habitual thought from experience?
I don't want this to be like the last time
When you said you would be fine
And you lied.
I can't trust you with those words, those lips, those lungs
You let the hits bounce off your breath,
The liquor roll down your tongue
Until there's no one left

And you tell me not to worry
That you can handle it on your own
But you're a chemical wasteland
And you care not for your own bones
And now you're expecting acceptance
When you told me this sick was cured
How is it misconstrued context 
If you said it to reassure?

He's spitting acid from his teeth
And I have no choice but to hide it all beneath
While the fire burns next door
And he's passed out on the floor
I can't help but wonder
Who will take him home?
Who will douse the coals?
Who will fan his bones?
Who will save his soul?

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