Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a...

... word count!

     ... or rather, lack thereof. 

What I've Been Working On
     I'm going to be honest, guys, I've been doing my best to actually get something down on paper, but I'm having a really hard time managing my schedule without flipping over on my underbelly and floating to the top of the mental-health fish tank. What I will tell you, though, is I finally figured out what I'm going to submit to the Moorpark Review!
     I'm also planning on beginning my narrative for the class sometime this weekend. Whether or not I'll have a finished first draft by the time I come in on Wednesday is questionable, but I have an idea of what I want to write, and I will accomplish as much as I can, given my schedule and workload management. 

     Word Count: 0

How Do I Feel About The Process?
     Definitely not terrible. Yet. I mean, I don't know if what I come up with is going to be quite up to par with my peers, but hey, I guess I won't feel too bad about that. I'm more of a reader - an appreciator, if you will. I have always had an interest in writing, but never the discipline to finish anything I've started, with the exceptions of my poetry and a couple one-act plays. I have the voice, I know. I have the ideas, yes. But the discipline... it is my greatest artistic downfall.

What Am I Reading Right Now?
     I'm just about finished with Gillian Flynn's "Sharp Objects". I am very happy with it thus far, and I might go as far to say as it's one of the best books I've ready this year (seeing as I only read 3 books in January). It's definitely not as boring as the back cover makes it out to be.
     I'm also quite excited to read Stephen King's "On Writing". I'm not a huge Stephen King fan. To be completely honest, I haven't read a single book that I've truly liked of his. His writing style is witty and "user-friendly", and he's quite intellectual and cerebral. I can appreciate that. My problem lies with the story-telling aspect. His stories never quite make enough sense to me. They're not as coherent as I would typically hope for in books; although, given he is such a renown and talented writer, I am excited to take a deeper look into his writing processes and motives. He is quite the interesting character, and getting some insight and intention might actually be the thing I need to start reading his books in a more understanding, transparent light.

     Just keep swimming,

              -A Fish Somewhere Near The Top


  1. What will you be submitting to the Moorpark Review? poetry? Fiction? (a particular genre?)

    And there's nothing wrong with being more of a reader rather than a writer... but also keep in mind, we don't need to write novels. Writing short things: poems, flash fiction, one act plays, is just as worthwhile as more epic endeavors.

    1. Poetry! I'm a huge poetry buff. I might slip in my previous experiment, even - kind of all dependent on the feedback I receive. I do have a couple poems I'm revising to send in. I'm very excited!

      And I'm very proud of some of the things I've written thus far for the class. Honestly, I've grown immensely as a writer in just the few visits we've had to date. I think being placed in an environment with such passion and acceptance was a gateway to something bigger for me. I feel much more comfortable with myself. I'm very excited to see what this semester holds.