Sunday, January 22, 2017

1 A.M. Update

     Y'all would be so proud of me!

I'm actually writing a song

     I've composed songs before, of course, but none of them have been quite as promising. Given I've been working on this little piece for a total of three days thus far (with the guidance of my male-counterpart), I'd think it's safe to say that it has potential. How does this affect you, you might ask?

I actually might post this thing

     Of course, I wouldn't be singing it, nor would I be providing the instrumentation (blog fright, you know?), but I happen to be happily in love with a man who has a pleasant voice and the golden touch. Yes, my friends - my boy will be preforming my piece for all of you to see, and I will be uploading the video directly to my blog (providing I can be that tech savvy)

     The lyrics still need a bit of polishing, and the audio will be slightly less than studio-quality, but I'm excited to share it with all of you, and I'm interested to hear your feedback. Given we have a selection of musically inclined folk in our class, I'm a bit nervous, but fear not! I will not let you down!

      I see you shiver with antici-

                   - ...pation

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  1. Exciting stuff! And today is the perfect rainy weather for song writing.