Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blog Wars: A New Hope

     After cleaning out the collection of angsty, pre-pubescent poems and utterly embarrassing attempts at being "edgy", I think it's safe to assume my blog is ready to be revived!

     This blog began with a relatively successful post (still available to read and be cringed at, mind you), but like many modern trends, it eventually dissolved into the deepest recesses of cyberspace. Although, this loss of following was greatly due to my inability to maintain timely postings and interact with my followers - I figure I was much too young to honestly motivate myself toward its' upkeep. 

     "But why now?" You must be thinking to yourself, "My god! Leave the dead to rest!"

     If it weren't for the recent circumstances with which I've found myself, I would have agreed with you, my brutally honest correspondent! And yet, I have returned... and with a purpose!


     Yes, I'm about to brave the new frontier of my cerebral state. Manifest destiny of my left parietal lobe. Circumnavigate the vast expanse of the viscous, ooey-gooeyness that is my brain! (Finals really took a toll on me last semester, lemme tell ya.)

    "Christ alive, woman! We get it! What are you going on about?"

     I'm glad you asked, my bellicose friend! This semester, I have decided it fitting for myself to take a course in Creative Writing, and I am actually required to maintain a blog as an ongoing assignment for the class. There! I have my motivation!

     I, an English Literature major, am an analyst. I pick apart stories, isolate ideas, and create meaning where there was originally none. I can pump out a five page argumentative/persuasive essay in an hour and still have time to spell check. I can beat a horse deader than a Black Eyed Peas concert. I read, too. Kinda comes with the whole analyzing thing, y'know? Writing, though, in a creative sense... it's a whole other story (pun totally intended). This is a whole new ballgame for me. I mean, I've written plays in the past, those of which have never seen the world outside of my office recycling bin. Poems are a bit more common in my literary repertoire; however, I'm not banking on my ability to form a slant rhyme. This is going to be TOUGH. NOODLES. (Shout out to my main man, Josh Peck, for articulating my feelings so cogently.) 

    Nevertheless, I will endeavor to persevere, just like my other main man, Lincoln, once said. You never know... maybe I'll enjoy this creative writing blog thing enough to actually keep it up once I graduate!

                                                                        (Ah, gotta love that situational irony, hmm?). 

      Fair winds, my feisty friends! Until we blog again!

       -An Analyst

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