Friday, March 31, 2017

100 Word Stories!!

Okay, so I absolutely LOVED the idea of 100 word stories (thank you, Annie) so here they are! I asked my Facebook friends to post singular words they wanted me to write a 100 word story about. I tried to come up for something for each one, so here they are!

Being a horseman of the apocalypse is pretty boring. Considering apocalypses don’t happen every day, we get tons of downtime.
War, Death, and I, Pestilence, were just playing DOOM and smoking some grass.
“Yo, man,” War said, passing the blunt to Death, “I’ve got the munchies. What you got, Pestilence?”
“I dunno. Let’s go check.”
We walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. To our dismay, there was not a single morsel of food to be found.
“What the-” War began.
“Hey guys! What did I miss?” A familiar voice rang from behind us.
“Awe man, who invited Famine?”

“Today has been lovely, Derek. Thank you so much for spending time with me. I’ve really missed you.”
“I’ve missed you too, Mom. I always do.”
“You need to come visit me more often. I haven’t seen you in weeks.”
“Sure, Mom. Oh, here.”
Derek hands his mother a box of shortbread; her favorite.
“Oh, how did you know I like these?”
“Just a guess.”
Derek smiles and gives his mother a kiss on the forehead.
“See you tomorrow, Mom”
As he leaves, his mother wheels herself to her pantry and places the cookies among many boxes just like it.

“Maybe we should open it.”
He eyed his lab assistant, considering the temptation. The cat had been in the box for two days. It was questionable whether it was alive or dead.
“Without knowing for sure, I’d think it’s safe to assume that it is simultaneously alive and dead.”
“That’s very alright, sir, but wouldn’t you like to find out for sure?”
Giving in, Dr.Schrodinger gave his assistant permission to open the lid.
“Sir, you might want to take a look at this.”
Inside the box was the cat, now dead. Next to her, however, lay a newborn kitten.

The dumpster behind China Lite on Gratiot Boulevard isn’t terrible. To be honest, it’s probably one of the better dumpsters in Marysville; everything thrown in here is practically edible. The place is always packed! And I’ve heard the owners are supposedly some of the nicest folks in town. It’s too bad, though, because the teriyaki must suck. It’s all I ever find back here. I don’t understand, though, because I think it tastes amazing! I come back every day, and there’s always a plate of it just laying there, steaming hot. Huh, looks like they even threw out a fork…

Mama always talks about how she “needs a new pair of shoes”. I think she’s asking in the wrong places, because she only ever asks the man behind the big green table who wears the dark sunglasses. I don’t think he sells shoes. Maybe sunglasses.
I bought Mama shoes today. I used the money she keeps in the jar with the word “jackpot” written on it. I don’t think she liked them.
Now somebody is knocking at our door. Mama is yelling and crying. She says it’s my fault.
She would have tried to buy sunglasses with that money anyway…

LEAH 12:35AM: Hi.
VIC 12:47AM: Hey.
LEAH 12:48AM: How does it feel being famous now :)
VIC 12:59AM: Pretty good lol. Been rly busy.
LEAH 1:02AM: Ur song came on the radio today.
VIC 1:10 AM: Yeah lol. And?
LEAH 1:11AM: I remember when u wrote it. It was my first time. It was great. U told me u loved me.
VIC 1:23 AM: Good times lol.
LEAH 1:25 AM: U don’t feel that way about me anymore, do u?
VIC 1:37 AM: Oh sweetheart. :/ That song was never about u.


  1. You're really good at these! I think my favorite is "Famine" such a funny concept and brilliantly executed! "Music" reminds me of one of my favorite Lana Del Rey tracks, "Radio," in which she sings "Baby love me 'cause I'm playing on the radio / (How do you like me now?)"

    1. Thanks Chloe <3 <3 <3 Justin gave me the word famine like the good boyfriend he is <3

  2. These are excellent.

    I love the use of time signatures in "Music." It's very revealing how his responses are a long delay in comparison to her quick replies. "Teriyaki" and "Cookies" both made me say "awww" at the end.