Tuesday, March 14, 2017


When everything in the observable universe is so far away
It's easy to get a big head, y'know?
Because by comparison, our heads are much larger than the stars
At least from where we stand.
We are so big.
So of course everything revolves around us.
Of course we are the most important things in the universe
Of course we are bigger than the stars
Because the stars look so small from so far away.
We are so big.
When our brains go supernova, there will be nothing left
When our hearts turn to stardust and drift off to Andromeda,
We will make the galaxy weep
We will tear the planets from the Sun
Wrap their rings around our eyes and laugh
Because we are so big.
The black hole in the corner of the universe
Will shrink into our mouths
And we will devour it.
And the galaxy's arms will coil around us
And cry on our shoulder
Because we are so big
So big, so big.
And we matter.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed this.

    It makes me think of the philosopher Schopenhauer who said "The world is my idea."