Wednesday, March 29, 2017



What I'm Working On
I just finished up a ten-minute play that I ACTUALLY KIND OF LIKE?? That was a lot of fun, seeing as I haven't written anything in play format for a couple of years. My last play was VERY bad. I might share it on here one of these days if I manage to dig it up and retype it :)
I'm continuing to work on my Spectra installments, and they're going relatively well!
Poems here and there, but nothing crazy.

Word Count: 2513

How I Feel About The Process
It's slow-going, but I think I've been more productive these last couple weeks than I have in a long time. Viva la inspiration!

What I'm Reading Right Now
Tricks by Ellen Hopkins. What an honor to meet such a stunning lady and talented author. I'm loving it so far! I'll definitely be reading Crank and Impulse in the near future.

Chill Out
     -Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr.Freeze

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