Tuesday, March 28, 2017

There is Something Wicked Above The Banisters

There is something wicked above the banisters
It speaks in tongues of a much higher caliber
Fine line between hysteria and contemplation
Oozes through the floorboards: temptation

You took your thumb and stuck it into my forehead
It left a mark similar to a giant's footprint in mud
And lately, he's been running across my mind
Something else he's been trying to find

He lost it sometime in the middle of September
And with all the footprints, it's hard to remember
But I'm pretty sure he left it at work
Underneath the secretary's skirt

There's something there in the attic, but I'm scared
What if I find it and I'm not prepared?
I wonder if I should look at all
All of this is so wrong.

No, that's just him pacing back and forth 
His steps are pounding on the attic floor
They beat like drums, hallucinogenic
My head is much too energetic

Something always seems up when you're looking from down
And the neighbors wonder why I'm never around
Because I've just been laying in bed
With thumbs pressed to my head