Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn...

...But I do give a Word Count Wednesday!!

What I'm Working On
I think I just came up with a pretty okay plot for a short story/novella (epic poem???). I'm very excited to write about it, as it's definitely out of my comfort zone. It's actually going to pertain to Bradford's experiment #6, so I hope I'll actually be able to use it toward my portfolio in its totality. I'm going to begin doing a small bit of drafting tonight, and then hopefully my word count won't be so meager. I've written a couple poems this week (as I usually do), so that accounts for what little words I have composed. I'm also quite interested in experiment #7, assigned to us over spring break. The master plot I was given to work with was "Metamorphosis". After reading through the chapter, I can quite honestly say that I have never in my life even considered writing anything along these lines, but I will stew over it the next couple of days, and I'll update as my progress... progresses. Also looking forward to writing critiques for my peers' wonderful narratives!

Word Count: 245

How I Feel About The Process
It doesn't happen often that I think of something so ingenious... so innovative... so revolutionary... that I have to actually write down the plot in the middle of Bradford's life-changing lectures. That's where my mind had wandered today, however, and I am happy to say that I have conquered my short bout of writer's block. I am going to take a break from writing my book, and in the meantime, I will digress with this nice little narrative idea. 

What I'm Reading Right Now
The Time Keeper by Mitch Alborn. I LOVE IT. Tuesdays With Morrie is one of my all time favorite one-act plays, and I have to say, The Time Keeper is most likely going to end up being my favorite work of his. I love his overall structure; it's so unique and intriguing. I am ready to read more over the break!

After All, Tomorrow is Another Day,
           -Scarlett O'Sarah


  1. Tuesday with Morrie is one of my favorite books. I have used it in class many times!

    Good luck with your experiments!

    1. I saw it for the first time at my local theater and about sobbed!!